June 2013

Last month our newsletter asked ‘What is your Obama Care Strategy?’   This month we expand on that topic and have created a check list of what you need to know to ensure your group is in compliance with the new health care law.    PPACA: Obama Care Check List   Item 1: Understanding the [...]

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ObamaCare Newsletter – April 2013

What is your ObamaCare Strategy, do you have one?  Einstein Consulting Group will be meeting with each of our clients in the upcoming months to discuss a strategy, answer any questions, and also invite you to seminars to keep you up to date on changes.  We believe you will be pleased with some of the [...]

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The ObamaCare Newsletter

When you google ‘Obama Care’, you will see over 1 billion results. One Billion! As health insurance consultants, we receive multiple updates daily from various insurance carriers and industry sources on ObamaCare. In an effort to assist our clients in understanding this complex new law on health care reform, we have published this newsletter. This [...]

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