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It’s Not Personal,
It’s Just Healthcare.

It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Healthcare, is an eye-opening documentary produced by Bill Schmaltz and Einstein Consulting Group. The breakthrough film exposes the challenges within the health insurance and healthcare system.

By revealing the misaligned incentives throughout the healthcare supply chain, the film shines a light on why healthcare costs go up year after year and educates business leaders on how to affect meaningful and lasting change.

Ultimately, the goal of the film is to empower executives to take back control of their employee healthcare costs while enhancing the quality of healthcare for their employees.

Why We Produced This Film…

As employee benefits advisors working with organizations and companies throughout the midwest, our team has witnessed firsthand the challenges that both employees and employers face when it comes to accessing and providing quality healthcare.

These challenges are not isolated incidents but rather systemic issues rooted in a complex and often confusing process. The result is higher and higher costs and less affordable quality care for employees.

With this film, our goal is to not only reveal the disturbing truth of these systems, but also to empower leaders with a roadmap so they can pave the way toward a more equitable, accessible, and sustainable healthcare system for all.

It's Just Healthcare