The Challenge

The status quo of healthcare and health insurance is one of ever-increasing costs combined with sub-optimal results for your employees. The reality is that employee healthcare is consistently a top three expenses for almost any organization – yet many executives continue to be presented the same costly, ineffective options year after year. In today’s market where recruiting and retaining top talent is key, reducing benefits or shifting costs to your employees is not the answer, nor is it sustainable.

Employers faces high healthcare and high health insurance costs combined with an expectation that they should pay the bill. The result is that business leaders and executives are facing a seemingly unsolvable problem that gets worse every year, and it can have drastic consequences for both the organization and its employees.

The only way to properly manage the increasing costs of health insurance is to understand those costs are driven by 1) healthcare utilization and unfortunately 2) waste and abuse.

Specifically, this comes down to effectively managing the “healthcare supply chain” just as you manage other investments you make within your organization. There are four key components that make up this supply chain:

  • Pharmacy
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Primary Care

Therefore, to solve this issue requires an understanding that higher quality healthcare costs less. By reducing the severity and frequency of healthcare claims, health insurance costs are lower and employees are healthier. Add to that specific strategies to cut out the waste and abuse rampant within the healthcare system and employers can experience substantial reductions in their costs while providing truly superior healthcare and benefits.

So, if you want to solve this seemingly impossible equation of providing valuable healthcare while also controlling costs, then consider our approach, The Einstein Method.

The Smart Solution

Find the Solution
with Einstein

The Einstein Method will allow you to identify unique opportunities to enhance your current health insurance program and put real solutions in place.

Our methods were developed to provide an analytical way to solve the health benefits dilemma.

We leverage “The Einstein Method” to help employers and employees reduce the costs paid for their healthcare while maintaining (and often improving) the benefits plan.

Let Einstein Consulting Group Help You

  • Reduce and control health insurance costs to maintain or improve benefits
  •  Collaborate with an experienced team of cost control specialists
  • Partner directly with hospitals and physicians to cut out the insurance markup on services
  • Discover a smarter way for employees to interact with their benefits, make better healthcare decisions, and save money
  • Incorporate wellness programs to prevent health issues from occurring and create healthier, more productive group