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Feel like you are overpaying for benefits that don’t deliver?


It’s Time To Fix Healthcare.

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Elevate Your Expectations with ECG

We are consultants that get results, not brokers that get commissions


  • Consults client for best possible results

  • Gets paid on success of outcomes

  • Sits on your side of the table


  • Resells insurance plans for commissions

  • Gets a raise for renewal increases

  • Has a built-in conflict of interest

Let ECG Help You Manage The Healthcare Supply Chain To
Increase Quality While Driving Down Costs.

ECG Delivers Three Core Results You’re Not
Used To When It Comes To Your Healthcare Program

Drastic Savings

Our proven supply-chain management strategies consistently and predictably reduce overall healthcare spend for qualifying businesses
from 20-40%.

Improved Benefits

Better quality healthcare benefits for less out-of-pocket creates an advantage for your entire organization through increased morale, productivity and retention.

Completely Aligned

It’s important to note that we
are aligned consultants, not
brokers. In fact, we often work
alongside brokers and get
compensated based
on savings.

We found Einstein Consulting Group in 2011, and they continually provide new ideas each year to help us control the cost of health insurance.

Joanne Roman

Einstein Consulting Group manages the City of Chester’s health care program, and has done an outstanding job finding affordable health care plans.

Bethany Berner

Since 2006, Einstein has been instrumental to the City’s insurance program and have provided the best service you can get.

Tim Schleper

Einstein saved the City of Carlyle 40-50% of our health insurance budget.  We then could use these savings for other City resources.

Mike Burton

Einstein has been a lifesaver for our insurance plan!  They saved us over $100,000 our first year and work diligently to find us the best possible rates while maintaining great coverage.

Cindy Prentice

The Einstein Consulting Group are great to work with!  We have always received great service and they are dedicated to making renewals as smooth and cost effective as they can be.

Sandy Hemann

  About ECG

Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Unfortunately, that’s what too many organizations face having to pay higher and higher costs year after year.

The ECG team is made up of healthcare and health insurance cost-management strategists to stabilize future cost while maintaining or even enhancing the quality of healthcare received. By performing a detailed analysis of your group’s current plan, process, and utilization, we will empower with fact-based, data-driven recommendations.

Thus, the foundation of the Einstein Consulting Group and our reputation has been built on results. It is our goal to provide objective, analytical, and fact-based advice to our clients. Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants and find the best solution for your group today.