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City of Hillsboro Article

City of Hillsboro builds reserve of over $120,000 with Health Insurance Plan – The City of Hillsboro saved over $120,000 with 42 members in 2010 and continues...

Village of Hardin Article

Village saves thousands on insurance – The Village of Hardin saves $8,348 with 7 members in 2010 and continues to save through 2011 with The Einstein Consulti...


The Einstein Consulting Group

Providing advanced health insurance consulting services to private businesses, individuals, and public entities throughout Illinois, Missouri, and Utah. We work with small, medium, and large organizations to provide substantial cost saving solutions for group health insurance.

Our team is made up of cost-management specialists providing real solutions to lower the cost of health insurance. We help stabilize future cost while maintaining or increasing the benefit level received. We are a consulting firm of independent brokers/consultants who provide insurance solutions from a full range of carriers in either the traditional, defined contribution, partially self-insured, fully self-insured; or the new Federal/State Exchange Marketplace.  Our team distinguishes itself by performing a detailed analysis of your groups current plan, process, and utilization, then provide you with a fact based cost management recommendation.

The foundation of the Einstein Consulting Group and our reputation has been built on results. It is our goal to provide objective, analytical, and fact based advice to our clients. Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants and find the best solution for your group today.

Let Einstein Consulting Group Help You:

  • Reduce and Control Health Insurance Costs
  • Maintain or Improve Level of Benefits
  • Take Advantage of Any Cost Savings and Tax Credits From the ACA/Obama Care Law
  • Acquire Surplus in Your Insurance Budget
  • Have Full Visibility of Groups Cost Drivers
  • Incorporate Wellness Programs to Improve Overall Well-being of the Group


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